Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hey there!

Hello everyone!
So you know how I said I'd update this blog regularly with more than just pictures...
I'm sorry, I've been busy, and by busy I mean not at all. I've just been lacking motivation. But, I am back! With a new fiery will to keep updated that hopefully won't fade within a month again! 
Basically a lot has happened within the last, dear goodness it's been almost a month, so I will put them into a list because lists are neat:
-Had an AFS meeting at a strange cave-like ancient home
-Spent a weekend in Saumur with Erin and Elizabeth (Australian AFSers) and saw the castle of Saumur 
-Had the one month mark of being in France
-Took and failed miserable my first French test
-Saw someone wearing an actual beret
-Gained some knowledge in French (still not fluent)
-Had another AFS meeting making apple juice (I love my AFSers)
-Had Eszter over for the weekend and spoke with her parents on Skype (I said one word in Hungarian)
-Discovered that the park here lacks a playground but has cows. 
-Also there is a lake

I didn't realise there were that many events until I finished typing just now. But I think that is because I am starting to get used to daily life in France. Well, I must buzz off to bed! 

à bientôt!