Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last update before leaving

It has been a while, and that means this will most likely be a long-ish post.

I'll start with July and my visa. And let me just say the whole process was immensely easier than I thought it would be. After receiving the visa information packet from AFS via email, I thought I was going to curl up in a ball with how complicated it sounded. But, really the process is quite simple. My parents and I booked our appointment at the consulate in Chicago, filled out some forms, and then waited until AFS sent the rest in the mail. By the time the appointment came, my mom had a whole folder with all of the original papers and at least four copies of each. We arrived at the consulate expecting to be there for a while, but ended up walking out of there within the next twenty minutes. There was a large check-in counter that we got visitor passes from, and then took the elevator up to the floor of the consulate. We followed this blank white hallway until we came across a room that had a Times New Roman typed sign that said, "VISAS". It was small and really casual-looking, with green and orange lamps and a bunch of college looking kids talking to each other. My mom and I sat down, and waited to be called. When I heard my name, we walked up to what was like a drive-through bank counter. There was a glass screen with a hole for documents, and the workers talked to you through a mic. She asked for all of my papers and passport at once, and then after a few quiet moments she asked for my money, and then had me take finger prints and a picture, and then handed me a receipt and we were out.
I got my passport a week later in the mail, and that was about it !

August was a pretty busy month... I had the Japanese students come for a week, and Maud, my awesome French student for two weeks. Both were really great, and in Maud's case, great for practicing my French!

Also, I've spoken with my host mom more, and am dying to meet her and my host siblings and my DOG. I always write that in capitol letters because otherwise it wouldn't show my complete excitement to have one next year. I also learned more about my school. I'll be going to Joachim du Bellay in Angers with another AFSer from Hungary Eszter. She is really sweet and I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time together next year! I'll be in terminale which is their senior year. Strange, considering I'm a junior this year, but I'll be able to take the full BAC this way, which I am actually looking forward to! I'll also be in the Literature section, which means the classes are heavily weighed upon French Language, French classic literature, and History! I'm in for a interesting school year, all I can say! xD

Since then I've gotten surprisingly close with a lot of the other AFSers going to France next. I could seriously go on and on about how amazingly easy and great it is talking with all of the other people going to France, I'm am crazy excited to finally see them in NYC and Paris!! We've had a bunch of Google+ chats together which are always always hilarious, and some of us have been Facebooking almost every night, especially some of us who haven't been sleeping very well ( You know who you are ;) ) It will definitely be great to meet the rest in orientation, and get to know the people going to my region better! :D

Well, tomorrow is my last day. And I will spend it packing and packing and packing...


To everyone else, see you in France!!

À bientôt!

PS: too lazy to proofread. Might be some mistakes :P