Sunday, March 4, 2012

A tour of my school and Carnaval

I'm updating my blog twice in less than two weeks- I must be super bored. 
Nah I'm joking, I just had some free time Friday afternoon, so I went around taking picture of my lycee to show you guys. Also, this weekend there was a celebration which is called Little Venice (or something like that) where people dress up in self-made elaborate costumes and masks. It was super super cool, and the weather was absolutely fantastic that day. 

Anyway, on with the photos: 

 This is a view from the top level
 I only included this photo because as you will notice (NO TOILET SEATS EVERRR) 
 This is where everyone goes in between classes to buy pain au chocolats and cafes
 random stairwell. Stairwell? Staircase? Stair...s? 
 average hallway
 view of the courtyard :P
 This is the science sector. it's by far the coolest. *cries with longing*
 lobby-place near the entrance
 area kids go to smoke inbetween classes
 the gym! (it's almost always a seperate building)
 view of the mountains from a random place outside
 another place where kids go to smoke

So these are the photos from carnaval :P

Anyways, I have to go now! Cleaning the garage. YIPEE

À bientôt !