Friday, April 1, 2011



Hi! This is just a quick post explaining the ChipIn gadget above my "About Me" section.

I am still in the process of fundraising for my trip, and this gadget is something that AFS offers to help raise money. If anyone is interested in helping to donate money towards my studying abroad, all you need to do is click the orange "ChipIn" button. All the transactions are 100% secure, and will go directly to my tuition account. It is all through PayPal, so there are no sketchy places you will have to type in your credit card numbers.

I still have a lot of money to raise, as tuition alone is around $11,000, which doesn't include things such as spending money, visa/passport expenses, luggage, and other travel expenses. I have been raising money so far through my part-time job, babysitting, and other fundraising activities.

It's a lot to raise, but it's possible! :)

I will be given the names of people who donate, so I will be able to send those sponsors small gifts from France! :)

Thank you to anyone in advance who donates! Any amount of money helps, it really does!

À bientôt!