Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Sorry it's been a while! I actually was pretty busy this time, it's much easier to say you are going to keep up a blog until you actually, but don't worry I haven't forgotten :)

The month of December went fairly normally, school, sleep, school. However, in France vacation starts much earlier, I've been off since the 17th, and also the last day of school before vacation is much more action packed than at home.
First of all, there are always Christmas decorations around. We had a huge Christmas tree in the entrance hallway, and little ornaments all over. Secondly, there was a huge Christmas meal- Repas de Noel- that lasted for two hours and was followed by a concert put on by the students.

I hung out with the other exchange students and watched, and besides being crammed against a railing by other kids trying to see, it was so much fun.

 I can't imagine this at school back in Wisconsin. 
 this is the concert :P

After that vacation was pretty normal, we hung around the house for a few days, and then while my host dad worked, my host siblings and I went to my host grandparents house for a while. I turned seventeen that week, and it was really sweet because they bought me a cake and sang Joyeux Anniversaire. I can't say I feel much older, but it's quite strange having a birthday in a different country. However, it was a much improved birthday from my 16th- working and school, haha.

For Christmas though, we drove up to the family Chalet, which means cabin or cottage. It was so amazing, this cute wood house up in the mountains. The view was amazing, especially at night. We stayed there with my host family's grandparents and cousins, and it was quite fun.

I even tried skiing for the first time ever! It was really hard, I felt like I had two huge feet I couldn't control and even got stuck in a fence, but I had fun! Now I'm back home for the rest of vacation :)

I also have a video of the mountains around the ski resort. They are so breathlessly beautiful I can't even describe it, so I have to show you.

Other than that, New Year's is this weekend! :D
So I'll wrap it up by saying to everyone, HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR <3

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