Monday, April 30, 2012


Okay, so just before I continue, I have to tell you about this morning. So Monday mornings I have four hours (three hours of Philosophy and an hour of English) and then finish at noon and go in to town to burn time until the bus comes at 5:20 pm to take me back chez moi. Well I woke up this morning as usual, got on the bus to school, talked with Lucia and Cornelia and Misha before the bell rang, and then headed off to Philosophy. Only to find out. The teacher isn't there. And to find out that the English teacher isn't here as well. Lols, I literally have nothing to do until my bus comes in around 8 hours. It's only hilarious because this kind of thing never happens in the US. Because even if my classes were cancelled for some reason I would always be able to drive back home or even walk if necesscary. So I just thought I would share my strange situation. So I'm back in the library listening to Youtube while typing this because Youtube isn't blocked here. YEAH AWESOME. Wait... Is it blocked in the US? I actually can't remember, haha. But anyway. I also don't have school tomorrow because it's Labor Day ! Or here it's called "Fete du Travaille", but it's just hilarious because we're making up the classes we're missing tomorrow next Wednesday afternoon. What's the point of having a holiday if we're making up the classes later? Hahahahahaha it doesn't make any sense. But it will at least be nice to sleep in tomorrow.


I think I left off at Monday, so I'll just start there. Monday Erin and I woke up early much against our will and loaded all our bags into her family's van and then headed off towards the south. I would say the car ride was nice, but I don't actually know as I basically slept the entire time. I knew something was up when Erin and Manon were laughing suspiciously when I woke up, and it turned out later they took pictures. Haha, those two are sneaky; you need to be careful around them. We got to the cousin's house after about five hours and were really glad to get out and pee and then eat after. I forgot what we ate, but it involved white meat because Erin and I both looked at each other weirdly when one of the host cousins declined the offer at the white meat saying she only eats red meat. We thought that was amusing because usually it's the other way around. She was really nice, anyway. Then after dinner everyone wanted to watch Narnia. Except Erin and I decided to go into town as we wanted to get out a bit after being in the car all day. So we went out and explored around Perigueux and found a hell ton of chocolate stores. Seriously, there were at least 50 in one neighbourhood. And because it was still around Easter there were loads of chocolate cows and chickens and bunnies everywhere. I have pictures, don't worry. Then when we went back ate dinner laughed had a good time and then headed up to bed.

It was just funny because Erin and I both slept on the top bunk bed even though there was the bed underneath, and we swore we were going to break it. Everytime it squeaked or moved a bit we were like, "WE'RE GOING DOWN" and just thinking about it now is making me laugh.

Anyway Tuesday we woke up and... wait, I seriously can't remember what we did Tuesday. I think we went and saw Lascaux that day. No... wait. Did we? Yes I think we did. Well so Lascaux is the oldest known cave with cave paintings. However, they made a replica of it nearby because the real cave paintings started fading due to carbon dioxide from the visitings. So we didn't actually see it, we saw a replica made in a different cave but it was still pretty cool. There was also a museum that had a bunch of actual animals from prehistoric ages. As in scientists basically recreated the older animals using gene selection which was pretty awesome. The animals looked pretty normal though. There was a Wooly Mammoth but it was fake. Shame. There were even buffalo, lols. It reminded me of the time I ate buffalo at that buffalo burger restaurant in the west. That sounds so American now that I think of it.
Anyway, Wednesday then we went. Well man I can't remember anything until Thursday. Wait no what I'm thinking of was Friday. OMG.
I'll just finish by giving a list of things I remember us doing:

-Went to an awesome castle from the Middle Ages. Saw some catapults, dungeons, and even Erin tried on some armour. It was super cool. I'm sure Erin and I looked like spazzes pretending to be knights, but we didn't care.
-Saw really cool cliffs. I forget the actual word in English, but they are bascially cliffs. I also ate an dandelion there. It was really digusting, don't ever do that.
-Saw a really cute town that was built during the Renaissance era. OH FUNNY STORY THERE. So it was basically raining the whole time I was in the south. And we were walking in town when it started pouring rain. We didn't have umbrellas, so we panicked and started running up a random alley. There were absolutely no door steps with covers or anything remotely similar so we got soaked trying to huddle under a little concrete slab. After it let up a bit we walked back out the main street where we were only to realise that there were millions of stores with their cover things out that we could have gone too. Hahahaha we're so stupid.
- Went to a farm that made foie gras. Luckily we missed the ducks getting tubes shoved into their stomachs in order to fatten them for better liver.
-secretly ate apples in the bathroom because we were hungry and didn't know if we could or not because it was fairly late. You have no idea how many times things like this happen during exchange, actually.. I still have the picture of Eszter's banana peel stuck in the tree branch after she tried to throw it away to hide it.
-died because the host family shut off the internet towards the end each night around 10:30 and it was the only time we had to check our email bascially.

Okay I can't remember anything else really special... Plus I have to leave soon. Anyway. It was super fun. I really really enjoyed myself and hope to revisit Erin in June if I find the time :)

OKAY SEE YOU GUYS SOON. I hope my super long rambling posts don't bore you too much ;)

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