Friday, April 27, 2012


Hey there everyone. So I am in the CDI again, updating because I don't have class or anything else to do. Plus I really should update as I've already been back from vacation for a week. My, my time passes quite quickly, does it not? I was helping Lucia translate English expressions into French for her English class, but I just have to say half of the expressions that were on the list are hardly ever used in seriousness. They had phrases like "Good heavens!" "Fancy that!" and "Dear me!". Oh, France and your English classes...
Anyway! Vacation!

So three Saturdays ago I got up and went to class in the morning, and then headed straight into town to take the train at noon. I changed in Lyon, and I have to say I didn't mind the six hour train ride at all. I listened to music and slept a bit, and it is always nice just looking out the window at the landscape and stuff. Plus I was next to a nice lady who did crossword puzzles the whole time. I did get really excited towards the end though, which made it hard to sit still. When I got on the platform though, I basically excitedly skipped to the main waiting lobby where Erin and Matheus were waiting. I actually screamed when I saw them, and Erin screamed too, so it's easy to say we attracted a bit of attention. But, oh man, it was so nice seeing them again. And I can't describe how strange it was to revisit Angers after about 5 months of being away.. We walked out around town because Erin and I had some time before taking the train to Saumur and were going to eat in town and stuff. We walked to the castle, took pictures by the overlook, went back to the shopping streets, and the big square with the opera house. It was so nice. We took the train back and got in Saumur around 10. Surprisingly we didn't stay up late that night, and were asleep by probably 11 o clock.
So then Sunday was Easter and we just chilled around the house talking and laughing our asses off about random things. Oh! We went for a small walk as well, and almost got lost. There were barely any people though. Oh funny story, there is a monument outside of the church in her town that was made for all of the youth in the town that died during the war. Well Erin looked at it and goes, "Well that's kind of stupid there are only like 10 names". And then she walked around to the side, and the list continued on for like at least 50 other people, and there were even more on the other side. Haha.
Anyway, Monday we actually celebrated Easter. We woke up and had an Easter Egg hunt with Erin's host sister and their previous Icelandic exchange student that came to visit them for a few days. It was hilarious because we kept walking past extremely obvious hiding spots, still half asleep. We ended up finding them all though. Then that night Erin and Manon ( oh that's her host sister's name ) left for a camp for four days, so I went and stayed with Christoffer a norwegian AFSer that lives like 6 minutes away from her.
That was really fun. He even got Super Smash Brothers on his computer so I got to dominate with Kirby once again. Jokes, I'm not that good. Jokes, I'm super pro. No, really, it was just fun though. We also watched a ton of movies and cooked for his host family. I made Mac and Cheese. OHH question for you guys: DO ANY OF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO PUTS MAC AND CHEESE IN THE OVEN? Yeah, I didn't think so. Neither have I. But apparently that's how you're supposed to make it... Strange!!
So anyway a few days I went back to Erin's house, and Friday Christoffer came back over because the next morning he was going to Paris and the day after Erin, her host family, and I were going to Perigueux. Erin tried to bake a chocolate cake ( stress on the word tried ) and it turned out looking horrible and tasting like regular bread. Haha. No one wanted to eat it except her. We also took weird pictures which I might put on later. But probably not, haha. I will add pictures of everything else though. However, most of you have me on Facebook and they are already there, so yeah...
Anyway next day Erin and went into Angers and met up with Benji, Matheus, and Gabe. I got to see a lot of my old friends and it was really nice. We got ice cream and drank Orangina and it was overall a good day. HOWEVER. Erin and I misread the train times and ended up not having a train back into Saumur. So we found a bus that went to a town nearby, so her parents could pick us up there. But the bus stopped at the most random unmarked places I have ever seen. One of the stops was a field on the side of the highway. Erin and I were afraid we were going to be stranded in some weird French town because we had no idea where we were. Plus the bus kept making this annoying noise? but both of our iPods were dead, so we put in headphones and listened to her ringtones on her phone. Hahahaha. We finally made it to the place though.
After that we packed to leave for Perigueux on Monday.

And I actually have to leave because the bell just rang. Off to Literature class. Woooooooooo. I bet you can feel my extreme enthusiasm just radiating off the screen.

But anyway. TO BE CONTINUED! With pictures! I hope!

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